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Jamie Hunter Run Coach

Hi, I’m Jamie

Accredited Run Coach and Fitness Trainer

As my love for running and endurance sports increased over the years, so did my desire to help others with their fitness, strength and racing goals. Technique and proper movement are fundamental principles to your success in running. There is no perfect running form. Instead, there are basic mechanics in running that promote efficiency, performance and injury prevention. Book your run form session with me to unlock your running potential.



Discover your true ability
with run form analysis

Run Form Coaching Run Vault Performance

Anyone can be a better runner with better form

Running efficiently, effortlessly and freely:

1. Allows you to travel faster and further with minimal effort

2. Reduces your chances of injury and fatigue

3. Brings enjoyment and satisfaction to your running


Your session starts with a warm including a jog and dynamic stretching to increase blood flow and have your body moving freely and comfortably. We will then go through a series of basic strength and flexibility tests. During this warm up I'll observe how you move when jogging, running and in various planes.

Once we identify areas to improve, we will then work through a series of drills and cues to correct your form, then record these run throughs with improvements made to see the changes and results.

We then move on to a video analysis of your running, capturing your biomechanics using a purpose built app. These recordings are played back during your session to show you how you are moving and what changes we need to make. I'll explain the changes needed and reasons why they are important for you and your running.

Your session will end with a discussion on your transition, strength requirements needed, then followed up with an email providing a summary of your session and access to your video content.


Run Form Technique Session Gift Card

Gift Cards available for purchase. Purchase a session for yourself for a later date or gift to someone else. You can choose the date in which the electronic gift card is delivered to the recipients inbox

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  • How do I know I need to review my running form?
    No matter what level of running we are at, we all can benefit from improvement in our style and form. - Do you feel uncomfortable when running or does running feel heavy and clunky? - Have hit a plateau with your progress and not getting faster or able to run for longer? - Are often getting injured or managing constant pains and niggles through your own care or that of your Practitioner? (We love our Phyios but they are there for maintenance, not constant panel beating!) - It has been months or years since you have run and want to restart on the right foot? Check in with Run Vault Performance to cover off any of the points above and more.
  • How long would my run form session last?
    Run form sessions go for a minimum of one hour. This is an appropriate amount of time to review current and proposed methods of running, along with drills and exercise instruction. Any longer and it can be an information overload. Follow up sessions are recommend to revisit the cues and drills to retain new habits.
  • How much do the run form sessions cost and what's involved?
    The initial run form session is $150 and includes: Observation of your current running style Basic agility, strength and flexibility test Video analysis of current form and corrected form practice Exercise instruction for strengthening and promoting engagement of key muscle groups Follow up email summary including a copy of your video analysis Subsequent run form sessions cost is $110 and includes: Review of form and cue for continual improvement Drills and exercises to promote correct running form which may include hurdles, agility ladder, resistance band work Please note: It is recommended you consistently work on your improved running form in your own time to maximise the benefit in the sessions with me. It's also recommended to conduct subsequent run form sessions no more than 4 weeks apart so the newly formed habits are not lost and have to be re-learned.
  • Where do you hold these sessions?
    Run form sessions are held in Raymond Park (Pineapple Park) in Kangaroo Point. This park has plenty of open space, perfect for running form, pacing and intervals. We will meet at the Run Vault Shop and Run Vault Performance Studio first before we walk/jog to the park. Change facilities are available here too. If this location is not convenient we can arrange another location within the Brisbane area suitable for you. Just get in touch before booking.
  • How hard will the session be and what do I need to bring?
    Run Form sessions are usually non impactful and minimal effort. We are working together on form correction with constant communication and analysis. You will be asked to run mostly in a low intensity zone for the best part of your session. Depending on the session and your goals we may also review form over speed, ascent and descent. We will also go through drills and strengthening exercises, so please bring your own refreshments and snack if needed. Wear comfortable active wear, basically what you would normally wear to the gym or out for a run. The Run Form app looks for body shape and overlays data to help us track your biomechanics and movement. It's best to wear solid colour clothing to capture your body movement accurately.
  • We've met and completed the session, what's next?
    After the session, you will receive, - Follow up content specific to your session and links to assist in your running journey - Your personalised technique and form cue journey to progress your running - Access to your videos via the purpose built run form app for you to review and use as a constant guide for improvement - I am available anytime via phone, email or text as a check in to support you and your journey.
  • Do you offer remote (video) run form sessions?
    Yes absolutely. Prior to the virtual session I would ask for you to send me two videos of you running in your current style based on the parameters below: Video 1: Set up two markers on the ground 25 metres apart and run through the markers in a comfortable Zone 2 pace. Zone 2 is a pace you can comfortably run for an extended period of time. Ask someone to stand 10 metres away from the markers and record you by panning the camera or smartphone along as you run, left to right and front to back. I want to capture your running and stride count between the markers, so make sure you allow at least 5 metres either side of the markers for the video capture. Video 2: Run in exactly the same manner as above, except your videographer will stand at one end of your 25 metre track and record you running towards and away from them. Once I have received the videos, I will review then arrange a time with you to conduct the main session in a similar manner to a face to face session. After the session I will ask for you to re record your running implementing new techniques and form. Online/Virtual sessions are $90, which includes pre and post session video review.
  • Should I book follow up sessions or other services?
    This is up to the individual. Most people work through the initial run form analysis session then put those principles into practice over the course of 2-4 weeks then return for a refresher and review. Some like to keep it regular (fortnightly) until they are confident the new habits are formed. We offer ongoing online programming which works really well together with this service. The Coaches at RVP are in regular contact with an athlete with this service and provides greater value to your run form session. This is usually discussed nearing the end of the session.

Book your run form technique session below via Calendly


Fit Man

Mark W

If you want to achieve big goals, Jamie Hunter is absolutely the coach you want! I highly recommend his training and if you simply trust the process he sets out you will achieve your goals.

Jamie’s training and support was the key to unlocking my first 100km ultra in May this year!

Image by Miguel A. Amutio

Joshua R

Being a relatively new runner with poor run form, I sought out Jamie to assess and correct my technique. What can I say, Jamie went above and beyond what I would have expected for a initial assessment. Not only did he video/assess my current form, we worked through some cues and immediately started to put them into action. Whilst it's a long road ahead, I already feel as though I'm on the right track and will definitely be back for follow-up reviews!

Image by Andrew Tanglao

Naho C

Jamie is the coach who actually does "talk the talk, walk the walk". I have been coached by Jamie for about 5 months now, I become fitter than the start, and he's prescribing those sessions and particular workouts for a reason which I benefit. Jamie is very approachable, and I do have full respect for his ability and knowledge. He is very passionate and caring. Cannot recommend Jamie more! Thanks Coach!


Leigh W

“I’m not a runner”.
I said this for years. Shin splints, knee pain, gassing out. You name it, I had it.

Then I met Jamie. Jamie at Run Vault Performance is a running surgeon who not only has more knowledge on the intricacies of running than anyone else I have ever met… but he is artful in understanding everyone is a little different and everyone learns differently.

From the first session I had with him:
No shin splints…
No knee pain…
…still a little gassing out but only because I was moving faster.

Fast forward a few months and running is now part of my routine and I’ve signed up for a triathlon. None of this would be possible without his coaching.

Thanks legend, couldn’t recommend Run Vault more.

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