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Everesting for Mental Health

03rd October 2020

Scorpion Trail, Mt Coo-tha

Brisbane, Australia

Post race update!

Wow where do I begin. I guess I'll start with the first thing on my mind. I am so thankful and grateful for EVERYONE that has supported The Human Connection Project and myself over the last 8 weeks on this road to Everesting for Mental Health!

On Saturday 03rd October 2020, I pushed myself to the edge of physical and mental exhaustion, climbing that trail repeatedly was the single most hardest challenge I have put myself through. Up-down-up-down. Setting a good pace at the start then quickly realising how much I underestimated the task at hand.  I battled the heat, stomach cramps then eventually throwing up, which resulted in muscle cramps as the body was trying to catch up all the fuel I lost.