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Finding Inspiration, Motivation and Knowledge with Every Step

At Run Vault Performance, it is our Coaches that sets us apart. Together we have experience and education across road, trail, obstacle course, triathlon training and racing to guide you towards your next goal. 

Run Vault Performance Blue Mountains


We live and breathe running, sport and exercise, simple. Our sports and competitions can take you around the world, meet strangers who turn into lifelong friends and create memories that last forever. Are you training for one of the big six marathons? Or taking on a 100km Ultra Trail Race for the first...or tenth time? Perhaps there is sport called OCR people talk about or a Triathlon at Noosa or Hawaii. Whatever your adventure and whatever your goal, we are the team to get you there.

Find out more about your Run Vault Performance team below, then get in touch to write your next chapter in training and racing.

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