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Spartan Ultra Beast - Brisbane - April 2018

50+km, 60+ Obstacles, 100+ Burpees.

When training takes you away from family so many hours each week,

involving them in events makes the day just more sweet.

I’m not going to lie, I was surprised with my result. I mean who in their right mind competes in an event like this off the back of a 3 day sky run two weeks before!?

5am, alarm goes off. I bounce out of bed. Body and mind is relaxed and focused. Down goes 1/2ltr water, hydration mix and munch on my secret recipe of pre soaked oats. Check my race kit, hydration and transition box, triple check my timing chip (not making that mistake again) say goodbye to three sleeping beauty’s and walk to the start line from our accommodation at Ivory’s Rock.

Spartan race organisers give Ultra Beaster’s a final pep talk and send us on our way a few seconds past 6:30am on this cool Autumn morning. The initial pace is fast and I’m sitting comfortably in the lead pack for the around 10km’s. Feeling good, it’s only 50km’s, no sweat!

17km’s in I feel heavy and slow, leg’s cramping stomach churning. Maybe I’m not that fresh after all. I tell myself just under 10k’s and I’m in transition to take five and re-evaluate my place here. Little did I know how much of a hurt locker Spartan were going to put us in during the last part of the first lap.

‘Pick up this sandbag, never let it go! You must run around this dam, crawl under these cargo nets, climb this inverted wall and burpee all the way back here, you let that sandbag go your out!’

Strava tells me this took around 30 or so minutes. Solid HIIT session at gym I say. But no, you still have another 25km to run!

Refuelling was slow. I felt like I was in a protected sanctuary with the wilderness beasts circling around outside ready to eat me alive. They couldn’t get in, I wasn’t keen to go out. Having a kip under the table felt like a good idea at the time! A roast potato, peanut butter sandwich and bear bar settled the stomach. Guzzled some water and Tailwind. Forced a red bull down. Boom that will do the trick. Let’s keep running.

35k’s or so in, I’m fatigued and sore, I see the family casually strolling enjoying the sunshine, I stop to chat.

‘You look like shit.’ Vanessa remarks.

‘Yep’ was about all I could reply with.

‘Jamie, ———%?!——-#@%——–!)’

That’s what I got dished and glad I did.

The body is a vehicle and my mind is the driver. Yep I came up with that. The gas went on and pushed it to the end.

No sympathy needed. All self-inflicted.

If Maya can run 5 laps of her spartan dash, I can manage 2 laps of the beast.

| 340 starters |

| 167 finishers |

| 4th overall |

| 1st Age category (30-39) |

| 7:24:43hrs |

Qualified for the Spartan Ultra World Champs in Iceland this year. Yep, Iceland. It’s ok Vanessa we will sit that one out.

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