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Ultra Racing Checkpoints - how to make the most of checkpoints

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Off and racing! Well I do wish we were! I wish we had that many choices of trail and obstacle races that I simply had to lucky dip out of a hat. Nowadays we are lucky to see a race go ahead that we have spent time, money and effort on preparing for the event.

I don't know about you, but I do feel a bit rusty when in comes to preparing for a race as they are few and far between, or even non existent depending on where we live. Here on the Fit Tribe Oz youtube channel I've put together a video on how to make the most of a checkpoint at a long distance trail race.

I am known to be a little OCD and specific in my approach to a lot of things. Here I run through my 3 element checklist so you can maximise the benefit and time at a checkpoint to continue racing strong and finish your event happy and fulfilled.


A head to toe analysis on my body. How is it feeling. Am I hot or cold. Am I sweating or is my face dry? Do I have any aches or pains. What sign and symptom info can I give my crew or volunteers at the checkpoint for assistance?


What have I eaten or had to drink since the start of the race or the last checkpoint. Am I nauseous? Am I feeling hungry and thirsty?


Chances are this is the first question you are asked when you arrive at a checkpoint. Be honest and true to your crew, the volunteers and yourself. A poor mental state could be the cause of physical pain or poor fuelling. Remember why your running. What brought you to this event. Who will be proud of you when you finish. Will you be proud of yourself?

Would love to know what you do when approaching a checkpoint or when you're there. Let me know in the comments here or on the YT video.

Happy racing!

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