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Backyard Laps for
Mental Health
August 2022

Post race update!

Wow where do I begin. I guess I'll start with the first thing on my mind. I am so thankful and grateful for EVERYONE that has supported The Human Connection Project and myself over the last 8 weeks on this road to Everesting for Mental Health!

On Saturday 03rd October 2020, I pushed myself to the edge of physical and mental exhaustion, climbing that trail repeatedly was the single most hardest challenge I have put myself through. Up-down-up-down. Setting a good pace at the start then quickly realising how much I underestimated the task at hand.  I battled the heat, stomach cramps then eventually throwing up, which resulted in muscle cramps as the body was trying to catch up all the fuel I lost.


19hrs 55min


I've raced 24 hour obstacle races, ran a 5km loop in my neighbourhood for 24 hours straight clocking 204km's. But this takes the cake! have been following our journey towards Everesting and the motivations behind this challenge. Part 1 launches October 9th with a 3 year subscription for the price of one.

I'm very pleased to say we hit our fundraising target!

7 news Everesting for Mental Health

Together, let's raise awareness and money to help people stay connected while disconnected through Covid-19 and beyond.

 On the 3rd October 2020, I'll be running a hill repeatedly in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia to climb an elevation equivalent of Mt Everest being 8,848 metres, in the hope I can raise awareness and the same value in donations of $8,848 to support people throughout Australia having a difficult time coping with the pressures of our new way of life.


8,848m - $8,848


Together we can make it happen!

Why am I doing this?


Apart from the fact I love to challenge myself physically and mentally beyond my beliefs, Vanessa and I know first hand what impacts on life ill mental health has on an individual and the people around them. 

Vanessa's Dad and my Mum have suffered moderate to severe mental health issues all of their adult life. As a child growing up in this environment it was seen as the 'norm' and we didn't know any different.


We saw a dependancy and addiction to prescription medication, with a poor diet and no exercise and little self worth. Sure there were moments of love, affection and laughter in the family but this was often overshadowed with sadness, anger, lack of control and depression. We didn't know any different.


In 2015, Vanessa's mum was diagnosed with early onset dementia at the age of 56 and at this time underlying mental health issues were uncovered. She hid her sadness from us, shielded us from what was going on so as not to bother us, which we can't help but feel responsible for. If only we could helped earlier, would her life be any different? Vanessa and I question every day what we could of done to change or alter the course of these events.

In light of the above, this is a small physical and mental challenge I'll undertake compared to the many challenges people in the community are facing right now. From losing their small business and life savings that went with it, to not being able to see loved ones who may be in different states or aged care. Unemployment, domestic violence and suicide numbers are some of the worst statistics we will see in our lifetime. 


I've chosen the Human Connection Project to partner with on this 8 week journey, a small organisation with big dreams of becoming Australia's largest proactive mental health and human connection lead organisation.

Human Connection Project.png

'The Human Connection Project is a not-for-profit social enterprise working to become Australia's largest proactive mental health and human connection lead organisation. 

Their vision is to help and empower people to become more resilient and empathetic individuals with stronger connections to their community.


The act of connecting as human beings has diminished over the years due to the influx of incredibly busy lifestyles and greater time constraints, the false sense of connection we get from social media, and the rapid and constant change in the way we communicate with each other. 


From this human disconnection, we have seen an incredibly alarming increase in mental illness, in particular, the issue of suicide. Social and human connection is fundamental, we not only need it to survive, we need it to thrive in life.'

The Human Connection Project
The Human Connection Project

The Human Connection Project

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Event Shirts Available on site 03rd October

The Human Connection Project in partnership with Kustomize it are printing shirts for event day, Let me know if you would like to grab one if you are not at the event and we can discuss postage. Here's me being directed by Vanessa to try and look cool modelling one fresh off the press!

$20 of every shirt sold goes to the charity towards our $8,848 target!