A healthy lifestyle begins with a balance in all areas of your life. Family, work, physical and mental health. RVP was born out of a passion for endurance sports and the desire to help others experience the joy and satisfaction of training and competing at any level to achieve a sense of total fulfilment. I've competed in multiple trail and obstacle racing events internationally and competed on Australian Ninja Warrior. I practice what I preach!

I hold a Certificate III and IV in Fitness, registered with Fitness Australia and a Certified LII Athletics Australia Running Coach.

I'm currently coaching a number of Trail and Obstacle racers with tailored and individualised training plans to help them improve their performance and get the most out of their events. Get in touch for an obligation free chat to discuss your next event.



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With one on one coaching, meeting new people in our group fitness catch ups or keep it on your terms with online fitness coaching and training plans. Let’s shape up together and create a fitter, stronger better you.


From online coaching, group fitness and personal training, we have your health goals covered

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This isn't your ordinary online training plan, cut and paste from one client to the next. This plan is built for you, through initial consultation and ongoing assessment of your progress. Using Training Peaks the guess work is taken out of your training with the metrics collected to map your progress so you perform at your peak on race day. Your training plan is built around your lifestyle, work and family commitments. Communication is key from both your coach and you to achieve your desired results.


45 minute Group fitness with running specific exercises.


We focus on building strength and agility for all running ability so you are confident running stronger for longer.


The class in managed by FitazFK gym in Kangaroo Point.


For bookings, head to https://fitazfkgym.com.au/

to secure your spot. Members of the gym are free. Non members can trial for a free class*.

*check terms and conditions with FitazFK gym

Outdoor Group Fitness
Crossfit Class


Invite a friend or two to your Personal Training session with RVP and save! Group Personal Training is a great way to get detailed instruction and attention from your coach for half or third of the price of 1 on 1.


Personal Training offers you undivided attention to your training to maximise the results from your efforts. With an emphasis on technique and improvement, your session is tailored to you and personal or race goals. A great additional service to online coaching clients. We are affiliated with many gyms in Brisbane, can come to you or if you prefer, train at RVP.

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Jamie is a busy dad with a professional day job, just like me - so he genuinely understands how hard it can be at our age, with our responsibilities to give our health and fitness the attention it deserves. Jamie has been instrumental in my developing my health/fitness overall. I have a range of fitness interests - OCR, trail/road running, triathlon (soon, prepping now for my first), etc. Running with Jamie, and talking through event specific strength training has been a great help to me. The real value is learning the 'why'. During those runs Jamie has helped me understand why we train the way we do. I understand the connection between the strength routines he put together for me, and the event I am preparing for. I also see why you need to consider not only overall fitness, but how you can apply strength training in a sport specific context. It isn't enough to lift, or run - you need direction and purpose. All I need now is to listen to some of the nutrition tips he gives.. One day 😉

Bryan Galliford



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