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We're a team of experienced coaches here to motivate, inspire and strengthen you towards your goals. Whether you are wanting to train and perform at your peak for your next run, ocr or triathlon race or improve your general fitness and wellbeing, Run Vault Performance will tailor a training program to suit your needs.


Personal Training offers you undivided attention to your training to maximise the results from your efforts.


With an emphasis on technique and improvement, your session is tailored to you and personal or race goals.


A great additional service to our online coached Athletes. 


Become a better runner with better form. Learn to run efficiently, effortlessly and freely.

Private run form analysis sessions available in studio, Raymond Park or Kangaroo Point Park. 

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Just like personal training, except here you can train and save in the session with up to two other people.


Train with your friends or if you prefer we can introduce you to other Athletes looking for this option.


Your Coach in your pocket, wherever you are.


Using an advanced and intuitive training app, your program is uniquely designed for you, guiding you towards your health, fitness and racing goals.

Run Vault Performance Headquarters


  • Free weight area for supervised Strength and Conditioning
  • Cross training and Cardio equipment
  • Commercial quality equipment
  • HIIT, AMRAP and MetCon training available
  • Retail Sports Store for your training and racing needs
  • Shared end of trip facilities
  • Event space

Training Fees

Before starting any training or program with Run Vault Performance, we will conduct a health and fitness background check to ensure the training is specific to your needs and safe to do.

Find us
Centrally located in Kangaroo Point, near the Gabba in Brisbane

Fit Man

Mark W

If you want to achieve big goals, Jamie Hunter is absolutely the coach you want! I highly recommend his training and if you simply trust the process he sets out you will achieve your goals.

Jamie’s training and support was the key to unlocking my first 100km ultra in May this year!

Image by Miguel A. Amutio

Michael V

Jamie has such an amazing personal drive. As a trainer he listens and understands your personal needs. He provides advice / training to suit. He is ALWAYS happy to help. Highly recommend!

Image by Andrew Tanglao

Naho C

Jamie is the coach who actually does "talk the talk, walk the walk". I have been coached by Jamie for about 5 months now, I become fitter than the start, and he's prescribing those sessions and particular workouts for a reason which I benefit. Jamie is very approachable, and I do have full respect for his ability and knowledge. He is very passionate and caring. Cannot recommend Jamie more! Thanks Coach!



I've been training with RVP for 18 months and the progress I've made in that time has been massive.
Training plans are well thought and catered specifically to my goals.
Very well priced (cheaper per week than what I was paying for a one off PT session at the gym)

If you're looking to improve your running/training, I would absolutely recommend


Run Vault Performance

Our methodologies are simple, to tailor a fitness program for you to crush your goals.

Running • Obstacle Course Racing • Triathlons

Whether you are new to training, new to competing, wanting to podium your Age Category or take out the overall top spot, speak to us about Coaching and guiding you there. 

One on PT, Group PT, Run Form Coaching, Customised online coaching. We have your training and racing goals covered.


Run Vault Performance About Us
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